Pre-conversion housekeeping

If you are interested in considering converting to an Academy there are 11 practical steps you can take to prepare your school.

  1. Hold a meeting of the governing body to determine people's views on whether you should convert.
  2. Talk to local schools who have already converted to benefit from their experience.
  3. Talk to an accountant so you can understand the additional accounting responsibilities the Academy would be subject to.
  4. Speak to professionals about what the process entails.
  5. Consider how you wish to consult parents, pupils and employees about the possibility of converting to an Academy.
  6. Complete the online registration form with the DfE.
  7. Notify your Local Authority of your intention to become an Academy.
  8. Collate property documents and information.
  9. Begin to compile a list of all relevant documents used by the school, including:
  • all contracts (maintenance, IT, photocopiers, cleaning) setting out contracting parties, contract details, commencement and termination dates;
  • employees and collate their employment contracts / written statements of particulars;
  • assets to be included and excluded;
  • property - and locate the documents and information;
  • service level agreements;
  • insurance; and
  • licences.
  1. Consider a proposed name.
  2. Consider when you wish to convert (this must be on the first day of a month).


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