If you have an immigration issue you’ll need someone who understands both the detail of the rules and the wider policy implications. You’ll need someone who understands your situation and can build a credible application or tell it to you straight if yours is a lost cause.

It’s also helpful to have someone in your corner who has an insight into the way Entry Clearance Officers work; they’re not ogres intent on playing out the role of little Englanders. In our experience they’re are hardworking civil servants grappling with complex rules which are sometimes coated with unhelpful political hyperbole.

You’ll have a range of questions. Your questions will probably be familiar to us:

  • How does my company get a licence to sponsor a migrant worker?
  • What’s a Certificate of Sponsorship and what are my obligations if the company issues one?
  • Can our overseas associate company send a couple of sales executives over to help design our global marketing strategy?
  • We urgently need to bring someone in from our Mumbai office for a couple of weeks. Can we do so?
  • Can we employ a migrant who tells us that although his existing visa has expired, he has applied for a new one and doesn’t know when it will be granted?

Typically we will work with you in three phases. 

Phase 1 is your initial enquiry. This will usually be a short telephone conversation or an exchange of emails in which you’ll give us a flavour of the case so we can establish the general nature of the issue and whether we can help you (we don’t take asylum or detention cases and we don’t work under “Legal Help”). You’ll want to know something about our fees so we’ll give you a provisional estimate. Wherever possible we’ll quote you a fixed fee which will be confirmed in writing. We will also say something about the timetable for your work.

In phase 2 we’ll explore the circumstances, any relevant immigration history and we’ll take a close look at your requirements and your documents. The objective of this phase will be to identify and discuss the legal issues, to identify your options, make a recommendation and put you in a position to take an informed decision about how you’d like to proceed. In some cases the way forward is obvious but the immigration rules are evolving all the time and we’ll alert you to anything you may not have considered.

Phase 3 is implementing the action you have agreed with us. You may feel that having been over the ground with us you are sufficiently confident to do this for yourself. 

Clearly there may be cases where this model can’t apply but there’s one constant;  we’ll be working with you to a clear objective which you’ll have agreed with us.

Sometimes we have to accept that there are no routes through the immigration jungle.  At other times there may be more than one route.  We will help you make the decision that’s right for you and give you as much or as little help as you need along the way.

Case studies

My client employs an engineer who specialises in micro-electronics. He’s a member of a team researching and developing prosthetic limbs. The team seems close to a significant technical breakthrough. The engineer is a New Zealander working in this...
A family owned business received a dawn raid by UKBA enforcement officers who imposed fines totalling £22,000.  It immediately became pretty obvious that the directors had only a nodding acquaintance with both the Immigration Rules and the...

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