Compensation for delayed flights


Where a flight is cancelled, delayed or if you are denied boarding you may be entitled to recover compensation from the airline of up to 600 Euros. 

In partnership with EUClaim, a company who specialises in the recovery of compensation for passengers who experience flight delays or cancellations, we advise and take legal action to ensure that passengers recover the compensation which is owed to them.

Compensation can be claimed under EC Regulation 261/2004 and there have been a number of key developments in recent years which has strengthened the ability for passengers to claim compensation. Unfortunately airlines continue to try and avoid paying compensation by claiming that the delay was due to “extraordinary circumstances” which, if correct, would mean that they are not liable to pay compensation.

Can I claim?

You can easily find out if you are entitled to compensation for a delayed or cancelled flight at  Please direct all initial enquires to EUClaim, whose details can be found at their website, and who will contact the airline for you in the first instance.  If the airline refuses to make payment or fails to engage in correspondence then we issue county court proceedings to recover your compensation.