Disputed Debts


We specialise in advising and representing clients on disputed debts to ensure that, wherever possible, even where a debtor is arguing a debt you recover the money which is owed to you.

We provide a cost effective service with tailored charging structures to enable you to pursue disputed debts where it may otherwise not be commercially viable to do so.  We have extensive experience in pre-action negotiations and our clients often find that a dispute is quickly resolved and payment received once we are instructed where it had not been previously possible to recover payment when the matter was being dealt with internally.

Where it is not possible to resolve a matter without concerning court action we can issue proceedings and represent you in court proceedings. We take a pragmatic approach to litigation working with you to achieve the best possible outcome and protecting your interest.  Where a debtor is not forthcoming with payment, even after you have obtained a Judgment against them, we can advise and assist you with taking action to enforce the Judgment to recover the debt owed to you.