Reorganisation & Redundancy

Business reorganisations and redundancies has always been part of the cycle of employment. HR will always been in the unenviable position of running these processes and therefore, you will want to ensure that you get this right. Getting it right clearly means dismissals without claims however, it also means that any selection process arrives at the result which is right for the business.

A poorly run redundancy process will leave your business open to far more than an unfair dismissal claim. Businesses can lose staff respect and morale all of which can lead to an inefficient workforce. As a result, we encourage our HR clients to front load their processes to ensure that, once it commences, it is slick and clean. It can also ensure that they are prepared for any curve ball throw at them by an at risk employees.

Even with our experienced HR clients, they find it invaluable to meet with us at the start of a process to thrash out the issues. Even if we are only part of that initial planning, we can help you with your strategy to ensure that your business or teams gets where it needs to be. In addition to this initial planning we will also test your process to get the best out of it and give you and your managers the key tools to get the job done.

We recommend that you come and see us if you a reorganisation or redundancies are on the horizon. We can help you as much or as little as you want will help you manage the process from a legal perspective helping you to deliver the information in the correct way to your staff. Preparation is key!

The obligation to commence collective redundancy processes can be missed. We cannot stress enough the impact that this may have on the legalities as well as the timescales for implementation.

Also see our page of settlement agreements.


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It is a firm you can trust in terms of both their advice and value for money. Simon Rhodes instils confidence and trust and is praised for being very commercial in his approach.

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Describes James Humphery as “her right arm”

HR Director of Global Marketing Company re: James Humphery

Very many thanks for your guidance and advice on this matter. It is much appreciated and has made a potentially inflammatory situation very calm and smooth.

HR Director of National Research Business re: Kathryn Casey-Evans

Your tenacity in tracking me down and pragmatism, in addition to consistently sound advice, were greatly appreciated

Junior HR Director at Global Brand Company re: James Humphery