Conversion to academy information

School leaders from Hampshire were among those attending an information event surrounding converting to academies.

The Academy Information Workshop was hosted by Corero Business Systems, HWB Chartered Accountants, Trethowans Solicitors, Lloyds TSB Bank and the Hinkler Academies Trust.

The event was designed to help schools looking to convert to understand more about the process and matters they will need to consider. The event took place on board the Princess Caroline and saw a series of sessions delivered to school bursars and business managers.

Commenting on the event, Lucy Grey said; "Some schools are unaware of the process and the inherent benefits that conversion to Academy status can provide, this event was aimed at schools thinking about converting who wanted to find out more.  In the sessions throughout the day various topics were covered including the options available, how to evaluate them against a schools circumstances and objectives and, ultimately to help schools take the necessary steps to become an Academy."