Trethowans Cricket

Thursday 9th July saw Trethowans first win of the season against James Hay at Cadnam Cricket Club.

Trethowans put forward their finest players and having won the coin toss chose to bat first and got off to a good start with Andrew and Luke who went on to retire at 25 runs.  They were followed by Ash and Jake who become the second batter of the match to retire at 25 runs. Trethowans continued on a high scoring streak with help from Chris Wakeman (James Hay), Garry (James Hay), Chris George and Chris Whiteley.

After 18 overs Trethowans racked up 128 runs which is our highest score since records began (at the start of the 2014 season) – but would it be good enough?

Between them Andrew, Chris Wakeman (James Hay), Ash, Luke, Mike, Chris Whiteley, Jake and Garry (James Hay) stopped the James Hay batters from gaining too much momentum.  Chris George, Mary and Caroline also provided much needed support as fielders.

The final score was Trethowans 128 and James Hay 89