Repossession Threat Greater With Younger Homeowners

Reporting on  "Younger homeowners may be putting themselves at greater risk of having their property repossessed.

According to new data from
Axa, there has been a shift towards a more cavalier attitude to financesin the second quarter of 2011.

The Big Money Index showed that the under-50s category and particularly those classed as young professionals are taking a more optimistic view of economic matters.

However, Axa warned that the UK is becoming a nation of
borrowerswho take out loansand other financial agreements to fund a "less restrictive lifestyle".

It noted that fewer people are paying off
debtsor saving, which could suggest that many Brits are at greater risk of having their house repossessed.

Director of customer partnerships Nick Turner said: "Although it seems heartening that confidence and optimism exists among the younger population, caution must be urged against borrowing to make life more comfortable.

"We're also seeing an enormous drop in confidence from those in
retirement, for whom life seems to have become ever harsher as the country continues to face the task of tackling the enormous deficit."

Meanwhile, Aviva figures recently showed that many parents have given up work as the cost of childcare makes it more economical to stay at home. "