Trethowans reduces its carbon footprint

Trethowans Solicitors has recently installed solar panels on the roof of its Salisbury office to generate electricity and thus substantially reduce its carbon footprint.

Salisbury based Urban Energy both advised and installed the solar panels in June, just in time for the heat wave that the UK has since experienced.

Commenting on the choice to install solar panels, Garry Treagust Finance Partner at Trethowans said; "We want to do our bit to help reduce the impact of global warming and installing solar panels was one small way we could help do this. We are now generating our own electricity to help meet our energy needs. As a result, we are also saving money on our energy bills."

Trethowans chose Urban Energy not just because they are local, but because they specialise in the design and installation of economical and environmentally sound green energy solutions.

Urban Energy have impressed with their professionalism and their eco-barn base in Stratford-Sub-Castle, just outside Salisbury. Urban Energy also provides comprehensive training for end users such as businesses and they have educational facilities and programmes, including an educational schools programme.

Commenting on the installation, Julie Cummings the Facilities Manager at Trethowans said; "The Urban Energy team were a pleasure to work with. They caused minimal disruption to the office during the installation. They also quickly liaised with our electricity suppliers to ensure that the feed in tariff was up and running as soon as the installation was complete."