Consent Order

If an agreement is reached between you as to the arrangements for your child(ren) after Court proceedings have begun, you can set out the terms of that agreement in a Consent Order for the District Judge to approve.  The District Judge will only approve the Order if s/he considers the agreement reached to be in the best interests of the child(ren)’s welfare.  A Consent Order must be carefully drafted to ensure that it accurately records the arrangements for the child(ren) and can, in the event the agreement breaks down, be enforced by the Court.

Once we are in receipt of cleared funds from you we shall draft your document/s and email or send them to you by post depending on your preference. We shall only contact you if further information is required.

We also require satisfactory information for a conflict check and money laundering (we can carry out the checks for you for an additional fee of £6).

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