Family and relationship matters

We have a dedicated family team, whose members all have specific experience in dealing with military personnel and their families.

Following a relationship breakdown you may be uncertain as to your rights or what to do next, particularly as you live much of your life according to military law.

As a team we have experience in dealing with the matrimonial home being rented married quarters rather than jointly owned and we are therefore familiar with the rules governing notifying the Army of your separation and the implications of rights of occupation.  It is quite common for military personnel to own a property that is not their principal primary residence but rented out as a long term capital investment.  When providing advice on dealing with such property in the context of divorce, it is essential to consider the tax liabilities of disposition.

As a member of HM Forces you will be accruing the benefit of a non contributory pension during your service.  Recently the rules regarding military pensions changed enabling the serving members’ spouse, on divorce with the benefit of a Pension Sharing Order, to automatically receive their pension benefit from age 55.  As the former member of the forces you may be receiving Early Departure Payments until 65 when your pension finally kicks in.  A Pension Attachment Order cannot be made in relation to EDP’s.  Gratuity payments received on completion of service could be considered a matrimonial asset.

Serving abroad does not put you out of the jurisdiction of the Child Support Agency.

If your military career leads to regular operational tours you may experience difficulties with contact with your children.  Again instructions for contested Children Act applications can be taken by telephone and/or email.  Court proceedings are always conducted in the Court local to where the child resides.  We have the capability to arrange and host telephone conferences if Court proceedings are issued elsewhere in the UK.

With our wealth of experience we have the knowledge to advise serving members whether based in the UK or abroad and we also have the experience of advising the non serving member of the relationship.


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