Accidents on aircraft

Travel by aircraft has rapidly increased in recent years. Cheaper air fares and more flight routes have meant that more and more of us are travelling by aircraft.

However when accidents take place at 40,000 feet the situation can be very complex. Often people are not even aware of which country they are in (if any) when such an accident may occur.

For this reason accidents which take place on aircraft are usually governed by the Montreal Convention (superseding the Warsaw Convention) and, in some circumstances, claims can be pursued in the victim's country of domicile. The Convention potentially covers all accidents on an aircraft, including embarking and disembarking.

In the United Kingdom victims of accidents usually have 3 years in which to bring an accident claim with the Court. However claims arising out of accidents on aircraft must be commenced with the Court within 2 years.

Trethowans LLP have experience of dealing with claims relating to accidents on aircraft and claims under the Montreal Convention. The specialist lawyers would be happy to discuss any potential case on the telephone or in person.

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