In The Community

Since 1866 Trethowans have been central to the communities in which they are based. Beginning in Salisbury, and now Poole, Bournemouth, Southampton and Winchester, we take pride in our position as a local employer, take responsibility in supporting great causes in our communities and take seriously our impact on the environment.


Each year our staff choose the charities we will support, with everyone getting involved, from participating in fundraising activities, hosting fundraising initiatives, supporting charitable events and making donations; this includes our monthly dress down collection and ‘cake bakes’ in aid of our nominated charities.

Our charities for 2022-23 are Dorset Mind, Mountbatten Hampshire and Salisbury Hospice. These charities provide invaluable support and services and we are proud to be associated with them.


Through our sponsorships we actively support our local communities. We are proud to sponsor the following:

The Environment

We are very aware of the issues facing the environment.  We have a stated environment policy that is reviewed continually, the main aim of which is to reduce waste and energy consumption.

Here are some examples of what we are doing.

Reducing travel through a number of initiatives:

  • Use of video conferencing facilities between our offices;
  • Use of telephone conferencing with our clients when appropriate;
  • Encouraging staff who wish to cycle to work (e.g. cycle racks and changing and showering facilities);
  • Provision of a company vehicle which staff may use for work purposes and sharing transportation between offices and the town centre – in order to minimise the number of vehicles being used for the same journey; and
  • A number of staff lift share for their journeys to and from work.

Reducing our energy consumption through:

  • Investment in new IT equipment with lower energy consumption; and
  • Use of energy saving devices in our offices.

Reducing our paper consumption through:

  • Printers and photocopiers automatically default to duplex (double-sided) printing to reduce the amount of paper used;
  • Increased use of e-mail communication by staff (reduces paper and postage/transport costs);
  • Most marketing communications are now sent by email;
  • Use of online books and legal research websites;
  • Use of recycled paper in the office, our standard paper is ISO 14001 accredited; and
  • The paper we use for our business cards is “fsc” certified.


  • Confidential paper waste is shredded and recycled;
  • Non-confidential paper and cardboard waste is recycled;
  • We have extra recycling waste bins in order to separate confidential paper waste, non-confidential paper and cardboard waste and non-recyclable waste;
  • We recycle toner cartridges and containers;
  • Use of drinking glasses rather than disposable cups; and
  • Use of sustainable source inks for marketing communications.