Case Studies

We have supplied a selection of case studies as evidence of what our experienced solicitors have achieved on the behalf of our clients.

Successful Slip and Fall Compensation Claim

James Braund, specialist Personal Injury Senior Associate Solicitor, recently concluded a long running personal injury claim for a Mr H.

Five Figure Settlement for Victim of Road Traffic Accident

James Braund, specialist Personal Injury solicitor, recently settled a personal injury claim for a lady lacking capacity for a significant five figure sum.

Five Figure Damages Settlement for Shoulder Injury

Specialist personal injury senior associate, James Braund, recently concluded a claim to obtain a five figure damages settlement for a client.

Provisional Damages Acquired for Victim of Asbestosis

Specialist asbestos solicitor, John Hall, successfully helped a victim of asbestosis acquire provisional damages for their exposure to asbestos during work.

Recovery of money and goods

A client company contacted us with a view to recovering an invoice in the sum of £2,086.61 for services rendered or in the alternative damages for breach of contract.

Road traffic accident – bicycle collision

Our client was involved in accident when he was knocked off his bicycle by a car.

Compound interest

Our client provided professional services to a company who subsequently did not pay the invoice sent to them for the services they had received.

Overpayment of salaries

A major plc client of ours referred a case to us as one of their employees had received an overpayment of salary in error following resignation from our client’s employment.

Ways to pay grandchildren’s school fees

Advising a widow with a substantial pension income on the effective way of providing income to pay school fees for the grandchildren.

A criminal injury claim

Trethowans were instructed by a 17 year old man, to make an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) on his behalf for damages following an assault which had left him seriously injured.

Slipping accident

One morning Mrs L walked into a NAAFI shop in Germany to do her shopping (this was on a German base and therefore English law applies).

Road traffic accident – whiplash and injury

Mr B sought our advice following a road traffic accident on a Ministry of Defence (MOD) base in Germany. Mr B had sustained a whiplash injury with associated headaches together with a soft tissue injury to his right knee.

Road traffic accident: head-on colission

Mr T was involved in a road traffic accident involving a head-on collision on country lanes in Hampshire in April 2010.

Road traffic accident – car crash

Mr H was involved in a road traffic accident. The accident occurred early one morning when Mr H was driving along Salisbury Road out of Totton.

Road traffic colission – car accident

Mrs W was involved in a road traffic accident when she was travelling around a roundabout and another car entered the roundabout and drove into collision with her vehicle. The insurers for the other driver admitted liability for the accident.