Application for Deputyship through the Court of Protection

Court of Protection specialist, Philip Savage, helped a woman arrange Deputyship as quickly as possible for her elderly mother, in order to organise her property and financial affairs.

The brief

P lived with her husband in a property they jointly owned, prior to going into residential care in August 2018 due to her worsening dementia. By September 2018, it became clear the couple’s property was no longer suitable for P’s husband, and that he needed to move into supported housing.

Trethowans was contacted by P’s daughter and son-in-law, who wished to make an application to the Court of Protection to be appointed as Deputies for P in relation to her property and financial affairs, and for an order authorising the sale of the couple’s property to fund P’s husband moving into supported housing.

What our Court of Protection experts did to help

Due to the declining health of P’s husband, it was paramount these orders be obtained as soon as possible. We assisted P’s daughter and son-in-law with making these applications, and included a request that these applications be treated as urgent matters, which we supported with evidence from the husband’s doctor and social worker.

As a result, these orders were made, issued and received within 10 weeks of the applications being filed with the Court of Protection, which enabled the property to be sold and for P’s husband to move into supported housing promptly. The typical timescale for receiving orders such as these is 24 weeks

Philip has helped a number of clients arrange their applications to to the Court of Protection. If you require any assistance with matters concerning mental capacity or the Court of Protectiondon’t hesitate to contact him for assistance today on 02380 820 455.