Administration of Estate 6 Years After Death

Experienced private client solicitor, Derek Bryer, was instructed to deal with the administration of an estate 6 years after the individual’s death.

The brief

This proved to be a slightly more complex estate administration case, as on the face of it, the transferable nil rate band (Inheritance Tax Threshold) had been lost – the deadline for claiming being within two years. It was Derek’s task to ensure that the estate was not subject to harsh financial penalties.

What our estate administration solicitors did to help

Derek managed to successfully claim the transferable nil rate band based on exceptional circumstances. Had he not, there would have been Inheritance Tax, substantial penalties and over £6,000 of interest payable. This serves to highlight the importance of executors taking professional legal advice from an experienced solicitor as soon as the estate holder has passed away.

Derek Bryer has worked on the behalf of individuals with even the most complex probate and estate administration requirements. If you need help with private client affairs such as writing a will or estate administrationdon’t hesitate to contact Derek for assistance today on 01722 426912.