Helping Clients Receive Top-up ESA Payments

Our solicitors were able to help two clients obtain an increase in their ongoing Employment & Support Allowance payments by providing copies of all documents required by the DWP.

The brief

In December 2018, the DWP sent forms (ESA3(IBR)) to claimants who had transferred from Incapacity Benefit to Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) during the previous seven years, as it had identified that some claimants had not been receiving top-up payments they were entitled to.

It was reported in the media that many claimants had difficulties completing these forms due to being unable to provide documents and information going back up to seven years.

What our solicitors did to help

As professional Attorneys and Deputies are required to retain client’s records for many years, we were able to complete these forms and provide copies of any documents required.

We assisted two clients with obtaining an increase in their ongoing ESA payments, as well back-payments for unpaid ESA top-ups in the sums of £20,051 and £14,673.55.

As experienced solicitors specialising in legal benefits for those who are ill or have a disability, we have acted in the best interests of a number of clients as their appointed Deputy. If you require our assistance with your ESA or any other benefit entitlement, contact us today on 0800 2800 421.