Recent Road Traffic Accident

Mr H was involved in a road traffic accident in October 2014 when his car was hit head on by another vehicle. The insurers for other driver’s vehicle admitted liability for the accident.

Mr H sustained severe whiplash and soft tissue injuries to his neck and back. He underwent chiropractic treatment and physiotherapy treatment. The Claimant continued to suffer ongoing neck pain and symptoms as a result of the accident. Medical reports were obtained from a GP expert and a Spinal Surgeon.

At the time of the accident Mr H was working as a self-employed heating engineer. His ongoing neck symptoms were aggravated by his work and he was not able to fully undertake all the manual tasks required and subsequently sustained a loss of income. He changed jobs to become a Police Officer but was unable to cope with the physical demands of this job due to his ongoing neck symptoms. He has returned to doing less manual self-employed work.

A Barrister was involved in Mr H’s case to advise on the medical evidence and loss of income. Court proceedings were commenced to enable Mr H to continue with his claim beyond the 3 year time limit. Mr H’s case successfully settled for £30,000 plus payment of his legal costs and disbursements. The settlement included compensation for his injuries, pain and suffering and his financial losses.