Recovery of money and goods

A client company contacted us with a view to recovering an invoice in the sum of £2,086.61 for services rendered or in the alternative damages for breach of contract.

Letters Before Action and company checks were undertaken followed by an attempt to narrow the outstanding issues between the parties. Unfortunately despite attempts, pre-litigation settlement between the parties were unsuccessful. After proceedings were issued and a defence had been filed by the defendant settlement was attempted again.

On this occasion resolution was successful with funds being received in part payment regards the outstanding debt and our client’s equipment also being recovered which was not part of the original debt or instruction. This was achieved at no extra cost to our client from us.

This approach was with a view to off-setting the cost of the equipment against the remainder of the outstanding debt therefore reaching an amicable solution for both parties concerned.

We understand the importance of bearing in mind settlement whilst litigating and look for different ways to achieve a desirable result for our client whilst simultaneously having respect for the emphasis the Court puts on settlement in litigation today.