Road traffic collision – car accident

Mrs W was involved in a road traffic accident when she was travelling around a roundabout and another car entered the roundabout and drove into collision with her vehicle. The insurers for the other driver admitted liability for the accident.

As a result of the accident Mrs W sustained a whiplash injury to her neck and shoulders and jarring of her wrist. She also developed a ganglion on her wrist which had to be surgically removed. Mrs W had ongoing symptoms and the medical experts advising in her case advised that she required surgery to both shoulders as a result of the accident. Mrs W underwent the recommended surgery which was funded by the third party insurers.

A settlement of Mrs W’s claim was not possible within the 3 year limitation period and Court proceedings were commenced. The case was listed for a Trial hearing but this was adjourned due to Mrs W’s ongoing treatment and medical investigations.

We successfully managed to negotiate a settlement of Mrs W’s claim in the sum of £46,000 gross without the need for a Trial hearing. Mrs W had already received interim payments to cover the cost her surgery totalling £9,700 and so the balance of £36,300 was paid to her. The settlement included compensation for her injuries and also her financial losses including cost of past and future medical expenses and care and assistance.

Mrs W commented “All assistance was in a very professional manner. I cannot thank her [Katherine Knapman] enough for her care and help”.