Successful Compensation Claim for Supermarket Head Injury

James Braund, specialist personal injury lawyer at Trethowans LLP’s Poole Office in Dorset, has recently concluded a claim arising out of a serious accident which took place in a well known supermarket in October 2016.

The brief

Mrs T was seriously injured when she was hit by a shelf stacking trolley being pushed by a member of staff and was knocked to the floor with some force. She was taken to hospital by ambulance where it was identified that she had suffered a bleed on the brain. She also suffered a number of suspected fractured ribs. She was monitored in hospital and underwent conservative treatment. These injuries and the subsequent restrictions during her recovery had an understandable effect upon Mrs T’s well being and mood.

The supermarket’s solicitors initially got in contact with Mrs T directly. They confirmed the supermarket was at fault and offered to settle her claim for £11,500. Mrs T was unsure what to do and therefore approached James at Trethowans law firm to provide her with legal advice as to what she should do.

What our personal injury solicitors did to help

James undertook a full and thorough investigation of Mrs T’s injuries as a result of the accident. James then obtained and reviewed Mrs T’s medical records and sought out independent expert evidence from both a neurologist and a psychologist in regard to her sustained injuries. This evidence highlighted that Mrs T had an ongoing degree of symptomatology (albeit subtle) and had some future risks.

On the back of this further evidence that James had obtained, further negotiations ensued and James was able to settle the personal injury claim in the sum of £35,000.

The case highlights the importance of obtaining expert legal advice in such cases to ensure that proper investigations are undertaken and advice obtained regarding the value of a claim. If Mrs T had accepted the supermarket solicitor’s initial offer, she would have settled her claim for less than a third of its potential value.

Client testimonial

Mrs T commented “I am so happy that I decided to take legal advice and approach James and Trethowans LLP. I couldn’t have wished for anything more. I would highly recommend Trethowans LLP to anyone in any situation”.

James Braund is a specialist Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Solicitor working at Trethowans’ Poole and Bournemouth offices in Dorset. He has helped numerous clients over the years to achieve the best possible compensation for their personal injury claims. If you’ve been injured in a fall due to someone else’s negligence, don’t hesitate to contact James on 01202 339014.