Changing Terms and Harmonisation

Most companies will need to make a change to the terms and conditions of employment for their staff during employment.

Because the employment relationship is governed by a contract of employment (written or not), there is significant scope for any change to trigger a breach of contract if it is not handled appropriately.

As a result, the Company must ensure that any changes that it makes are not in breach of contract. As a result, a clear understanding of what latitude there is in the contract to make the changes, whether lawfully, forcibly or by agreement is critical.

We can advise you on:

  • The contractual and legal rights for making a change
  • The legal ramifications for making a change
  • Processes to follow to comply with your legal obligations
  • How to gain lawful and binding consent from your employees
  • Support with any sale agreements (asset purchase agreement, business purchase agreements and/or share purchase agreements)
  • The impact and scope to make changes after a TUPE transfer
  • The withdrawal or reduction of any of your employee benefits (such a final salary or medical benefits)

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