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Ensure your family are protected and cared for after you are gone with specialist legal advice from a Trethowans Wills Lawyers.

What is a will?

A will is a legal document stating your wishes regarding the distribution of your estate following your death. It makes it much easier for your loved ones to sort out your possessions, assets and any underage children once you are gone and save them further distress at an already difficult time.

Writing your will yourself or letting someone with no experience write it, leaves you at risk of your will being contested, rendered null and void, important aspects left out and you’ll receive no tax planning advice. It is therefore advisable to use a professional wills lawyer to draw up the document to ensure you get it exactly right.

Our wills lawyers in Southampton

At Trethowans, our dedicated team of professional wills lawyers are highly experienced in the drafting of even the most complicated of wills and strive to provide a complete service to ensure your wishes will be carried out exactly. All our services are tailored to you so you can be sure you are receiving the right legal advice for your specific requirements.

Our wills lawyers in Southampton will be there to guide you every step of the way and, because they understand writing a will involves much more than just the division of your physical possessions, they spend time to explore and take into consideration all of your circumstances, both financial and personal.

As expert wills lawyers, we cover every aspect of writing a will including the distribution of your assets, property and possessions, arrangements for any people who depend on you, deciding who the executor of your will should be and planning special arrangements or wishes for your funeral.

Don’t put off writing your will, especially if you have people who depend on your for support. Contact our experienced wills lawyers in Southampton today on 023 8032 1000 and they’ll be happy to help you get started.

“Honest, efficient, confident, inspiring, caring and sensitive service and advice.”

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Our wills lawyers service includes:

  • Individual, married couple or civil partnership will writing
  • Special wills for those with disabled beneficiaries
  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Urgent wills for those who are nearing the end of their life
  • Statutory wills for people who cannot make the will themselves
  • Wills containing trusts and/or foreign property
  • Specialised wills for members of the Armed Forces

Our wills lawyers are there for you

We are proud of the excellent reputation our wills lawyers have earned for their outstanding level of service and legal expertise. As we take the time to listen to our client’s wishes, we are able to give professional advice on the drafting of their will to ensure all their requests are covered in a way that is both accurate and legally binding.

Ensure your family are cared for after you are gone by writing a will today. Get started by contacting our team of professional wills lawyers in Southampton on 023 8032 1000 now.