Immigration Solicitors Poole

Our immigration solicitors in Poole will guide you through the UK’s complex and ever-changing immigration rules with clear and concise legal advice.

Specialist immigration solicitors in Poole

James Humphery, Head of immigration matters here at Trethowans, is not only experienced in successfully negotiating immigration cases but has himself lived abroad on a resident’s visa, so has first-hand insight into the emotional pressures of the process. He is also a member of the Immigration Law Practitioners’ Association, a specialist membership organisation that promotes and improves the advising and representation of immigrants.

He provides practical and realistic guidance to individuals preparing to apply for visas, including spouses, unmarried partners, general visits and other applications to enter/remain in the country for both limited and indefinite leave.

We can also provide businesses with strategic and operational guidance on sponsorship licences and their renewal, tier 1 (investor), tier 2, right to work checks, and general compliance with immigration rules.

To learn more about the services our expert immigration solicitors in Poole provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01202 673071 today.

Our immigration services include:

  • Obtaining the correct visa type
  • Gathering evidence to support your application
  • Understanding the Minimum Income Requirement and alternatives
  • Finding options if your application has been refused
  • Appeals
  • Honestly assessing eligibility for British citizenship and advice on how to proceed
  • Explaining how Brexit affects your personal status in the UK

Why choose our immigration solicitors in Poole?

Applying for a visa can be a complex and emotional process, so our immigration lawyers are here to help make the process as smooth and clear as possible. With years of experience and a firm understanding of Immigration Law, our immigration solicitors in Poole will provide you with expert advice and guidance to find the best solution for you.

Our immigration solicitors in Poole have recently undertaken several cases with successful outcomes, such as arranging a visitor visa for a client outside of the EU who’s previous two applications were unsuccessful and winning an appeal based on Appendix FM and different ways of meeting the Minimum Income Requirement. We have also helped win extensions of spouse visas, applications for British citizenship and a journey from entry clearance as a fiancée through limited leave to remain to IRL and then citizenship.

If you’re concerned about your immigration status or are hoping to apply for a visa or British citizenship, our dedicated immigration solicitors are here to help. Simply contact Trethowans today on 01202 673071 to arrange a consultation. We are a leading law firm in the South with an office located in Poole.


Meet the team

James Humphery

Senior Solicitor