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Free webinar: 'Personal Brand' with Debrett's

“Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”

The truth is that you have a personal brand although you may never have through about it like that.  Once you accept that personal brands are here to stay you can capitalise your own and better still you can develop it.

  • There are the 3 versions of you – are they the same?
  • A mini psychometric [to be completed by anyone interested ahead of the session]
  • The you at work and the real you
  • Quick wins for a better personal brand
    • How can you address a blind spot
    • First (and lasting impressions)
    • The 5:1 ratio and the listening protocols (refresh)
  • Getting to work on your brand
    • Who are your brand models?
    • When does your brand work for you and when not
    • What to work on and how

This free webinar will be hosted on Wednesday 7 June 2023 as part of our series with Rupert Wesson, Director at the renowned etiquette company Debrett’s.

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