Achieving diversity and equal opportunities

Trethowans LLP is committed to providing equal opportunities for all its staff, partners and job applicants. The Firm is also committed to avoiding discrimination in dealings with its clients and all other third parties that have dealings with the Firm. Trethowans LLP is also committed to promoting diversity in all its professional activities.

Everyone at the Firm is expected and required to treat all other people with the same attention, courtesy and respect, regardless of any protected characteristic(s).

One example of this is that the Firm is committed to making reasonable adjustments for those with a disability in relation to job opportunities, promotion opportunities and training within the firm and in the provision of our services to clients.

The Firm’s policy is to employ the best people and provide equal opportunity for the advancement of all employees. We do not discriminate against any individual on account of their religious belief, race, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, maternity and pregnancy, gender reassignment, disability or worker status.

All our Partners and staff are required to attend compulsory Equality and Diversity training each year.

The Firm has a Diversity and Equal Opportunities Policy which is monitored regularly and reviewed annually.

Diversity Statistics 2019 (as at June 2019)

Trethowans LLP asked all its Partners and staff to complete an anonymous diversity survey. This was non-compulsory. In total, 188 responses were received which equates to 78% of the Firm’s Partners and staff. For this reason the figures below are not a full and accurate representation of the Firm’s diversity.

Prefer not to sayMaleFemaleDeclared minority ethnicDeclared non minority ethnicDeclared Disabled16-3435-5455+
Support staff operations03833830313916