£47 + VAT conveyancing fees

13 Apr 2015

By any standard that would completely disrespect your property move. But low headline conveyancing fees can be persuasive – unless you appreciate that with low cost of course comes reduced service, or quite possibly hidden charges, making the final bill vastly different.

Any conveyancer could halve their legal fee over night, but they would also reduce the level of service, if they are to still make any sort of profit from the work. At risk would be:

– your very own personal named lawyer throughout

– your lawyer's direct dial telephone number

– the personal email address of your lawyer

– anyone as your lawyer save a very junior clerk, who needs everything checked and authorised

– an instant decision maker when you seek advice/answers to questions

– any one person who knows what has been happening throughout your move

– weekly updates giving full detail of where your move has reached and what is left

– any sort of proper and constructive Property Report – when buying – giving a full summary of the legal documents you are being asked to sign up to when buying the property

– practical or dynamic help when things slow done of even go wrong

The list goes on.

But when a conveyancer uses price as their main attraction, you have to question why it is not the quality of their service. Do they not offer the above? Do they think you do not value the above? Are you being lured in, with a sting in the tail. Fine print with buried extra charges?

If their own service is valued as cheaply as that, how will they value your move – and how will they get the work through, error free.

Low fees come with a call to caution. Expert, prompt, and affordable, on the other hand, have your best interests at heart.