A conveyancing solicitor for life, or a one trick pony? Check before you buy

23 May 2013

When you move house, you will invariably need a conveyancing solicitor. You only have to Google 'conveyancing solicitors' or 'conveyancing quotes' to see the huge disparity in quality, from the dubious to the apparent dynamic.

However, some will just specialise in conveyancing, which can be a worry, as the legalities of moving home impact on many areas of law, and it should be comforting to know that the legal business does have experts in each of these additional areas, not just being a 'one trick pony' or 'jack of all trades'.

There are therefore conveyancers who are solicitors or chartered legal executives employed as part of a firm of solicitors, where the firm has a multitude of different specialist lawyers, all of whom can support their conveyancing colleague in far greater detail than the sum of that conveyancer’s own personal knowledge, so as to provide you with superior legal advice/work.

Indeed, should you require Wills, employment advice, tenancy advice, family advice, company advice, trusts advice etc, then that solicitor firm can support you, not only during or just after your house move, but for life. You spent many weeks working with the conveyancer and built up a potential relationship, it would make economic and practical sense if that lawyer could look after all your family's business.

On the other hand, you could choose a simple conveyancer who just does cheap volume property work, where your affairs are churned out – accurately one hopes – and then that conveyancing business moves on to the next person. They finish the job and they are gone but with no ongoing relationship, no chance of that if they offer no other legal specialism. You then need for forge a further relationship elsewhere.

Which conveyancer would you prefer?