Annual tribunal statistics 2011/2012

17 Jul 2012

The Ministry of Justice has now published the annual statistics for Tribunals for the year 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012.  In total, 186,300 claims were received by the Tribunals.  This represents a fall of 15% on the previous year.

In respect of the types of claims made to the Tribunals, the headlines are:

  1. unlawful deductions claims made up the majority with 51,200 Claimants raising this complaint, although this is  a reduction on last year's figure of 71,300;
  2. 46,300 claims were made for unfair dismissal (compared to 47,900 last year);
  3. the number of breach of contract claims was also down compared to last year, being 32,100 and 34,600  respectively.
  4. 10,800 Claimants made claims of sex discrimination (18,300 last year);
  5. there were 4,800 claims for race discrimination (a slight reduction in last year's figure of 5,000);
  6. claims for age discrimination fell from 6,800 to 3,700;
  7. there was an increase in the number of complaints of disability discrimination, with the figure rising from 7,200  to 7,700; and
  8. finally, only a small proportion of claims received by the Employment Tribunals related to discrimination on the  grounds of sexual orientation or religion and belief, being 610 and 940 respectively.

With the increase in the unfair dismissal qualifying period to 2 years and the plans to introduce fees for bringing a Tribunal claim, it seems likely that the overall number of claims brought to a Tribunal will continue to fall in the years ahead.