Changed your name since buying your house?

28 Mar 2013

If you change your name, your Land Registry property deed is not automatically updated. This can cause identification issue when you come to sell your property or at any time when you need to prove your ownership of the property.

The Law Society recognise the importance and at the point when you sell your property, those conveyancing solicitors who have been fortunate enough to receive the Conveyancing Quality Scheme accreditation (CQS) are duty bound to record your change of name – sending proof (e.g a marriage certificate) to the buyer is not enough.

With fraudulent property sales and transfers on the increase, it is crucial that you make sure that you remain at all times, the correctly named owner of your property, as is the updating of your address.

The Land Registry offer a public guide (PG22) on the procedure to follow, entitled  “Keeping your name in the register up to date” which prescribes how to set about updating your name on the registered title and the documentation you will need:

  • An original or an official copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate; or
  • An original or ‘certified copy’ deed poll name change; or
  • A statutory declaration or a statement of truth as evidence of change of name (plus certified copy if you want the return of the original); and
  • A completed form ID1 preferably in your former name; and
  • Application form AP1, showing the nature of application as ‘Change of Name’. No fee is payable.