Changing conveyancers part way through? Easy.

02 Dec 2013

Few people realise it, but if you are not happy with your conveyancer, for example how you ended up with them and their service, you can switch. And at any point. Your new conveyancing solicitor will explain what to do, and it should not cause much of a delay. There will be few conveyancers who have not taken on a client in this way, and their task is to always mange the transfer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Much will depend on how dynamic your choice of your new conveyancing solicitor is.

Two examples:

  • A client is selling his flat. A defect has been spotted in the lease by the buyer’s conveyancer. The landlord needs to be approached to agree to change the lease. The lease is owned by say 4 flat owners and they all have to cooperate and sign. The seller’s conveyancer is now taken out of their comfort zone of routine conveyancing, and this new document that requires drafting will take thought and skill. Will they get bogged down in prioritising the need to talk about extra legal charges, rather than just getting the task done promptly? Will they get bogged down in thinking all the leases need to be changed at the same time, and so lose time in discussing it instead of finding a single solution to allow this one lease to be changed and the sale completed? The dissatisfied client may feel they fail on all counts, and he wants a new conveyancer to find the solution.
  • A conveyancing firm is happily trading on a Tuesday, but on Wednesday, they stop. Their offices close, no client can make contact. But one such client is selling her house. What now? Easy. Her new chosen solicitor simply contacts the buyer’s conveyancer to explain what has happened, and invites them to return all the papers and letters the ‘closed conveyancers’ sent to them, so they can ‘adopt them’ by reading and checking them (it is shocking how many selling conveyancers fail to check the replies their own clients give to buyer enquiries, or the contents of the forms their own clients fill in), taking copies, and returning them again. And on the sale continues, with a new selling solicitor in tow.

The moral though, is choose your conveyancing solicitor wisely, as they vary wildly in terms of quality, from those the estate agent might herd you to for huge kick-backs whatever the quality of the conveyancer they recommend, to those conveyancers who simply prioritise and exude the feeling of confidence. ‘On the ball’ quality.