Conveyancers who are here today, tomorrow

08 Jul 2013

Accountability: those conveyancing solicitors who positively promote the actual individuals who will handle your conveyancing, their bios, their direct dial telephone number and emails – all designed to ensure that you know the person who is handling your work. Where you know their credentials and expertise.

If you have reason to complain, or if you simply need to speak to your conveyancing solicitor, there is no 'dial 1 to speak to…' nonsense, but instead “Hello Tim, I am glad you gave me your direct dial number, can I please ask…..”.

Any conveyancing business can offer this, but have a look on Google under 'cheap conveyancing' and see what they have in common.

Who is actually looking after your legal business? Are they an actual solicitor? You'll be lucky. Are they a chartered legal executive? Rarely.

So if things go wrong, and the cheap conveyancer is an online business, what about the ability to hold them to account. “I only have a general telephone number, their website has no people on it, but they did shout how cheap they were”.