Conveyancing and quick deals – more of the same or a new dynamic 2016?

14 Jan 2016

New year, new chance. But who will care?

After one of the earliest wind-downs for Christmas we have witnessed from conveyancers last year – and thus frustrated clients unable to exchange or complete before the Christmas break – we sincerely hope that standards on offer in 2016 will improve. A new year resolution from some, a chance to offer their own clients a superior service.

Or will it be just the same as every other year? The public deserve better.

The quality offered by any given conveyancer can be a reason why house sales abort, something no estate agent wants to see, let alone parties to the deal, and along the whole chain.

Sadly, in any service industry, not all law firms offer the same level of quality. Especially true of conveyancers. You only need ask an estate agent to confirm that, as they face so many.

Typical criticisms of conveyancers include:

  • no direct telephone number or email for them
  • anonymous website revealing no names, photos or contact details of the individual conveyancers in the law firm
  • speed of activity (especially replying to emails and letters, if at l)
  • not replying to emails or telephone calls, or rarely being available to contact
  • relying on an assistant to respond
  • never the same lawyer handling the matter
  • no actual legal qualification of the conveyancer, leading to all of the above, and even mistakes in the legal work with drastic personal and financial consequences

Consequently, the public have an unenviable task in ultimately agreeing to use any particular law firm, as even those who recommend a conveyancer can fall into two camps, those who have genuinely experienced great quality and service, and those with an ulterior motivation for their recommendation: money.

By money, we mean where the overriding priority is to receive a cash payment from (or they have actual ownership of) a particular law firm they recommend, instead of recommending the best conveyancer to ensure prompt, mistake-proof legal work. A conveyancer who are not so concerned or even able to identify errors with the legal papers and so just gloss over and let the deal go through, leaving the consequences for the home owner and their lawyer to pick up afterwards.

So in 2016, demand a dynamic, prompt and expert lawyer for your transaction, and always consider the motivation for why a recommendation is coming your way.

There are a lot of factors for why a particular law firm is chosen to carry out the legal work for a person moving home. Reputation, recommendation, a random selection after Googling ‘conveyancers in [X town]’, or, and most unwisely, who is cheapest.