Conveyancing solicitors are insured to protect you – choose well

22 Oct 2013

All conveyancing solicitors in England & Wales must hold a 'practising certificate' issued by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This certificate guarantees that the solicitor is qualified to practise as a solicitor and they/their legal firm has insurance to protect you if anything goes wrong.

To make sure, you can visit the Law Society's website and choose a postcode/town or named law firm to check.

But choosing the right conveyancer is fraught with traps such as:

  • Conveyancers do not need to have any qualification to offer conveyancing. Solicitors are no longer the only ones who offer this legal service. Cheaper businesses offering 'staff' with little or no legal training have entered to marketplace.
  • Will the estate agent not care about the quality of conveyancing you receive and so herd you to a 'high cash for leads conveyancer' – often out of county – spinning you a line to make it sound acceptable.
  • Does the conveyancing business advertise a very low conveyancing rate but actually fail to mention the quality of who will be handling your legal work, or the fact that once you agree to use them, they have hidden or disguised charges buried and so likely to make their final charge very high indeed.

Word of mouth, recommendation from friends and family or telephoning around solicitor firms to get a feel for a good first impression are often the most popular methods of choosing. Indeed, it is all about the solicitor impressing you from the very start, as you will need to work with them on what is a very important legal transaction, and having confidence in them is key.