Conveyancing solicitors can offer home buyers practical non-legal advice

16 Oct 2013

When you are thinking about selling your home, how do you choose an estate agent? One clever way is to ask the local conveyancing firms who they would recommend. After all, they work with all of the estate agents in the town, and they know who are good, who are 'dodgy' and who to outright avoid. And they will not charge you for calling them and asking. They are glad to help.

Indeed, their help does not stop there. Plenty of non-legal advice is exchanged by conveyancing solicitors throughout their involvement with your house sale and purchase.

They will point out the need to:

  • Don't make an offer when viewing a house. Always afterwards.
  • As a buyer, avoid revealing too much information to the estate agent when having a viewing. They act for the seller, and when you make an offer, they will know you can go higher!
  • Check mobile phone reception and broadband speeds.
  • Check for likely neighbouring development at the Council's planning department.
  • If selling, chase your estate agent for progress, as they will chase your conveyancing solicitors when they are doing their job.
  • Have a survey (it is alarming how many people would survey a second-hand car, but not the house they are buying).
  • Talk to the neighbours.
  • Obtain a buildings insurance quote as early as possible (to make sure flooding is covered and at a sensible premium).
  • Don't go cheap on estate agents commission or legal fees. The former can mean laziness, and the latter can mean glossing over with errors discovered once you have moved in or worse still, on a re-sale.

Your conveyancer will be working with you for potentially many weeks, and striking up a professional working relationship will make the transaction go far more smoothly, and indeed, you can then use them as a point of contact for all future legal needs – if their legal firms cover other areas, that is.