Corporate Mediation achieves 89% success rate in 2018/2019

21 May 2019

Mediation continues to be a strong option to resolve corporate disputes, with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution reporting an 89% success rate in its recent 2018/2019 survey.

Corporations have commented that they chose mediation because it allowed them to find a resolution tailored to their own commercial needs. Unlike court proceedings, there are no fixed outcomes to mediation – it can deliver bespoke solutions if needed.

Trethowans understand that many industries work within close-knit and well known communities. Often, they need to continue to deal with their opponent long after the litigation has ended, making it a priority to preserve the business relationship and their own reputation in the trade. Mediation has the flexibility to achieve this if both sides are open to a commercial outcome. The bonus is that anything said or done under mediation remains confidential.

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Maxine Nutting