Dispute Resolution Week

25 Nov 2013

Trethowans' family team is pleased to support Resolution's Dispute Resolution Week.

Resolution is an organisation with over 6,500 family law professionals who subscribe to a code of conduct to work with their clients in a constructive and non-confrontational way.

Whatever the cause of relationship breakdown, I am frequently told that, above all, what a couple want to avoid is for there to be a bitter fight.  Instead, what they want is to preserve the emotional and financial wellbeing of their family and in particular, it is the welfare of any children that remains a priority.

One such way to hopefully achieve this is by adopting a collaborative approach.  Together with your former partner, but protected at all times by your collaboratively trained lawyer, discussions are entered into together in good faith with a view to achieving a negotiated settlement and an agreement not to go to Court.  The separating couple engage in a process which allows them to retain control with an ongoing and open dialogue which hopefully means that, in the future, the children will feel able to invite their parents to weddings, christenings and other family celebrations without fearing that they will spoil the occasion.

This approach encourages open communication and information sharing whilst concentrating on the issues that are important to them.  Creative solutions can be achieved, especially in the case where family businesses, farms, estates or inherited wealth are involved.

I have developed a collaborative practice over the last 8 years and would recommend that consideration is given to this process when the decision is made to separate.


Andrew Mercer