Does my conveyancer need to see my survey report?

13 May 2015

Few conveyancers will ask for sight of your private survey. Aside from running into dozens of pages, it is of course your private health check report, guiding you as to whether you should buy the property, which you will have walked around yourself and made an offer on.

You are always advised to have a survey, and it should be carried out by a Chartered Surveyor.

But your conveyancer, they will not have any surveying experience of course, so as to be able to comment on your survey report, nor of course will it make much sense to them when they have not visited the property.

So, as you are contracting your surveyor to advise you, any questions you have, should of course be asked of them.

That said, your conveyancing solicitor will be reporting to you on the legal papers that they receive as part of their involvement, and any 'Comments for the legal adviser' section of your survey report should be covered by that. If not, then raise them of your conveyancer for sure.