Employment Alert – New Immigration rules from January 2021

21 Jan 2020

The Government intends to implement new immigration rules on 1 January 2021

What’s happening?
From 1 January 2021 the government plan to implement new immigration rules which are likely to result in EU workers having to obtain a visa to work freely in the UK.

Why is this important?
It will end the freedom to work in the UK enjoyed by EU workers, so those coming here after 1 January 2021 are likely to require a visa. We anticipate the new rules will restrict settlement by foreign workers and be accompanied by caps/quotas to limit the number of foreign workers admitted to the UK.

What should businesses do?
Review their labour requirements and consider whether there will be a need for talent from EU member states.

If needed, consider recruiting from the EU now and applying for a licence to sponsor migrant workers ahead of the new rules.

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James Humphery

Senior Solicitor