Experts come together to share divorce advice in Salisbury

17 May 2019

Free, hands-on support is being offered to Salisbury families going through divorce or separation on June 13 at the Mercure White Hart Hotel.

Law firm Trethowans is running a workshop at the Mercure White Hart Hotel on June 13, where a team of experts including therapists, family consultants and life coaches will come together to give delegates the tools and advice they need to help them through the difficult journey they may face following a relationship breakdown.

42 per cent of all marriages in the UK end in divorce and Trethowans, having guided thousands of people through the process, understands only too well how it can be a difficult time for families.
Andrew Mercer, a partner in the family law team at Trethowans in Salisbury, says: “There are so many changes and decisions to make during a separation that it can be hard to know which way to turn. There is a risk that you could follow a pathway that leads to increased conflict and heartache. If you have children that adds another layer of things to think about. The right advice and support can make all the difference.”

What will the workshop include?

The New Beginnings workshop will consist of two sessions, with the first covering the important topic of how to support your children during a separation. The session will be led by child mediator and psychotherapist Ashley Palmer and family therapist Leigh Moriarty. Together, they will share practical tools for developing an effective co-parenting relationship and strategies to ensure children are supported.

In the second session Nikki Emerton, master practitioner in Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Louise Lara Lauder, personal stylist, will focus on personal wellbeing. Their workshop will give delegates practical advice, tips and tools to help them deal with anxiety, depression, empowerment and self confidence.

The New Beginnings workshop is free but spaces are expected to fill quickly. To reserve a space call 0800 803 0535 or email The workshop runs from 9am to 2pm with a complimentary lunch.


Emma Wilders-Pratt