Fenton the dog and accidents involving animals

13 Jan 2012

A short YouTube clip featuring a man and his tearaway dog has rapidly become an internet sensation. The clip shows Fenton, an unruly pooch, escaping from his owner in Richmond Park and making a beeline towards a large herd of deer. We watch the owner in frantic pursuit of the hound, hurling expletives and becoming increasingly incensed. The deer, closely followed by Fenton, begin to stampede through the park causing drivers to halt their vehicles on the busy road. It is understood no-one was injured.

Humour apart, stray animals account for a large number of road traffic accidents in the UK every year. The Highway Code states that drivers should not swerve to avoid an animal if it will affect other drivers around them. However, all too often compassion takes over and a split second decision to swerve out of an animal's path may result in catastrophic consequences.

Alice Biggar, trainee solicitor in the personal injury team at Trethowans says "If you are unlucky enough to be involved in a road traffic accident with an animal you should remain at the scene, contact police and, where possible, find witnesses. If you think you may be entitled to make a claim it is very important that you seek clear and expert legal advice."