First Prosecution under the Bribery Act

04 Nov 2011

The first prosecution has now taken place under the Bribery Act 2010.  A former Magistrates Court Administrative Officer pleaded guilty to accepting a £500 bribe to "get rid" of a speeding ticket.

The Officer pleaded guilty to section 2 of the Bribery Act for requesting and receiving a bribe.  Under this section, a person is guilty if they request, agree to receive, or accept a financial or other advantage, intending that a relevant function or activity should be performed improperly. 

Sentencing will take place on 11 November 2011.  The maximum sentence is 10 years' imprisonment.

This case makes it clear that the Public Prosecutor will take action to enforce the Bribery Act.  Employers need to make sure that they have the proper training and policies in place to protect themselves against any actions taken by their employees which are contrary to the Bribery Act.