Frightening statistics for motorcycle accidents

22 Apr 2013

Road traffic accidents involving motorcyclists sadly often result in serious, catastrophic or even fatal injuries. Whilst motorcyclists themselves can be experienced and extremely safety-conscious riders, there remains the inherent danger that they will suffer injury due to the negligence of other motorists.

The statistics concerning motorcycle accidents are alarming. Last year, only 1% of all road traffic accidents in the UK involved motorcycles, however, motorcyclists accounted for a far higher 20% of the total number of deaths and injuries on the roads.

It is estimated that motorcyclists are 40 times more prone to road accidents than other vehicle drivers and their passengers. In 2012, over 25,000 bikers were injured in road accidents and unfortunately 585 of them did not even get the chance to bring a claim for their injuries as they were killed. The UK government, and other concerned authorities are trying to curb both the frequency and severity of accidents but until greater awareness of all road users is achieved, it is unlikely that there will be any significant change in the above-mentioned figures.

A recent study has shown that the 21-25 years age group is the most vulnerable to motorcycle accidents. The same study revealed that Highway Code violations cause around 38% of all motorcycle accidents, whereas overtaking maneouvres cause around 15% of cases. Perhaps the most significant fact reported is that it is other road users that are primarily responsible for these accidents, rather than the motorcyclists themselves.

Tom Hartigan, Associate Solicitor in Trethowans' personal injury team comments: "I have dealt with many accidents involving cyclists and motorcyclists and inevitably the risk of serious injury is much higher than for drivers or passengers in cars. Head injuries or serious orthopaedic / spinal injuries are common. Any motorcyclist injured in an accident should always seek legal advice to see if they may be able to bring a claim for compensation".