Gas safety and the home standard

11 Nov 2013

It has just emerged that a major housing association has become the first to be found to have breached the Home Standard.

The Homes and Communities Agency (“HCA”) has ruled that the association had created ‘potential for serious detriment’ to its tenants. This arose from a finding that no gas safety checks had been carried out at a tenant’s home for two years. The HCA concluded that although there were ‘access difficulties’ in the case, the Standard had been breached because the association had not attempted to gain- access to the property by way of legal proceedings.

All social landlords to great lengths to comply with their legal obligations re gas safety but, inevitably, will encounter difficulties gaining access to some properties. It appears that the fact that only one property, out of several thousands, was not checked, was irrelevant to the HCA.

This news shows how important it is to be able and willing to take legal action sometimes. Trethowans has the experience and expertise to help ensure that all gas safety requirements are complied with and that appropriate legal action is taken quickly, effectively and at a very competitive price using our computerised case-management system.