Good Divorce Week 2021 – Embracing a child-focused approach to separation

29 Nov 2021

Our specialist family law team are supporting Resolution’s Good Divorce Week 2021, which looks to kickstart a national conversation about how parents can embrace a child-focused approach to separation.

Family relationships have come under immense pressure since the start of the pandemic and we know that the children of parents who separate can find the experience one of the most challenging and impactful of their lives.

That’s why as part of the week, Resolution are launching their Parenting Through Separation Guide, a free resource containing information, advice and support to help parents in their parenting journey through separation, divorce and beyond.

In support of the week, our family lawyers have produced two FAQs, which answer commonly asked questions from clients about how they can embrace a child-focused approach to separation.

FAQ – Embracing a child-focused approach to separation

Here our family lawyers answer questions they are commonly, such as:

  • My ex says that he is going to apply for residency of our child. What does this mean?
  • The mother of my child has stopped me seeing them and says that she is going to deny me access. How can she do this?
  • How can I get sole custody of my child?
  • When my ex and I separated, we could not agree on the arrangements for our children and we applied for a Child Arrangements Order. I am now planning on moving with my children and need to change the Order. How do I do this?
  • How do I maintain a relationship with my child when they spend more time with the other parent?
  • How do I introduce my new partner to my children?

To read the above FAQs, click here.

FAQ – Minimising the impact of separation on children

Our family lawyers also answer three key questions they often hear in relation to minimising the impact of separation on children:

  • Can separation have a damaging impact on children of the family?
  • What sort of negative effects could separation have on children?
  • What can separating parents do to try and minimise the stress for children of the family?

To read the above FAQs, click here.

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Kimberley Davies