Good for business – compliments of a home moving client

20 May 2016

Speaking as a conveyancer, there is nothing more rewarding for me than a client extolling the virtues of having chosen you. Whether because we made the process easy and hassle free, or we were expertly prompt, or we solved legal issues without breaking stride.

You might think the legal fee is the actual reward, but not true. An average conveyancing fee is around £800, but this could end up being for 12 weeks of work. That is no kind of reward to the lawyer, not that the lawyer receives the fee in their own pocket anyway.

No, the reward is the client appreciation, the delight in seeing clients secure that exchange of contracts, knowing they can relax and know they are moving on with their lives, selling or finding that dream home to purchase – and you exceeded the clients’ expectations.

But achieving that reward is not easy. Conveyancing has one of the highest levels of public complaints against lawyers. It is a stressful time, and if the lawyer is not sensitive to this, he will fall down. If they are too slow, they fail to communicate, maybe they are too junior and so makes legal errors, all these can result in complaints.

Then imagine you were the one who recommended that poor performing conveyancer to someone. How will you feel? Everyone makes mistakes, but what if it happens more than once. What if you recommended them as part of your business, a business which has its own pressures, and an mediocre conveyancer you could do without, particularly when your competitors are aligning with the very best conveyancers who impress the client, and even pop in to see you to thank you for the recommendation, telling everyone they know, even messaging on social media (it is an IT world now). That is a magic combination for the conveyancer, client and you who recommended them.

Consequently, the focus of our conveyancing is to offer expert, affordable and prompt service by highly trained conveyancers, where second best will not do. Offering a quality service all round is what drives many conveyancers, but finding one and holding on is key – as it can be a win win all round.