Government consultation on abolishing Personal Licences

19 Sep 2013

The Government has launched a consultation running until 7th November seeking views on abolishing Personal Licences.

They had previously stated the requirement to renew every 10 years would be removed but now are it looks as though Personal Licences will be abolished completely.

The consultation proposes:

  1. Amend the mandatory conditions to require all alcohol sales to be authorised by the DPS, rather than a personal licence holder;
  2. Allow the police to object to a new DPS based on the crime prevention objective in general, rather than only in "exceptional circumstances";
  3. Allow licensing authorities to require a criminal records declaration with each new change of a DPS; and
  4. Allow those who either are named as the DPS on a premises licence or have accredited training to give up to 50 Temporary Event Notices (TENs) a year, those without would be limited to giving only 5.

Clink on the link below to view the consultation:


Karen Lush

Associate and Head of Licensing