High profile skiing accidents highlight the need to take care

08 Jan 2014

Every winter thousands of Britons flock to the slopes of Europe for the ski season. But this year the last week has seen two high profile skiing accidents as German Chancellor Angela Merkel nurses a fractured pelvis, whilst Formula One motor racing star Michael Schumacher fights for his life in a medically induced coma following major brain surgery. Such accidents show that skiing can be a very dangerous sport.

Where an accident occurs as a result of someone else’s fault, such as through the provision of faulty ski equipment for example, it may be possible for an injured skier to claim compensation for their injuries.  In most circumstances, claims can still be brought in the UK even if the accident occurred abroad.

James Braund, solicitor at Trethowans LLP specialising in personal injury claims including those where accidents have occurred abroad, states “It is very important that people travelling abroad to undertake sports such as skiing ensure that they have adequate and appropriate insurance to cover the activities they will be pursuing, in case the worst should happen.” He adds that “If a person has been injured abroad as a result of someone else’s fault and they believe that they may have a personal injury claim it is very important that they seek specialist legal advice. It may be possible for such a claim to be pursued in the English Courts.”