House moving and holiday booking – what you need to think about before you go

27 Mar 2013

Never an ideal situation to face; you have an offer on your house typically in the window you thought you could sneak away on holiday. However, with an efficient conveyancing solicitor, you can juggle both quiet easily.

Try to be contactable wherever possible. Otherwise consider the following:

  • Leave yourself enough time to organise everything before you go;
  • Inform your conveyancing solicitor as soon as possible that you will be going and between what dates you will be unavailable – with smartphones and holiday wifi, incommunicado is rare;
  • Consider giving a written power of attorney to a trusted individual – your conveyancing solicitor can advise;
  • Request your conveyancing solicitor to have you sign the contract – if possible – before you go;
  • Provide your conveyancing solicitor any contact numbers, emails and mailing addresses while you are away so they may obtain still your instructions, even sending you documents to view (even if signing might be too problematic);
  • If as a seller you will be absent at the point of completion, ensure that the property has been cleared of all your belongings and cleaned, and there is someone who can read the meters on the completion date;
  • For a purchaser, ensure that you arrange for someone to take possession of the keys on the completion date;
  • Check your emails frequently; and
  • If you are selling, make sure you have given your conveyancing solicitor instructions as to where you want the money to go.

But most importantly enjoy yourself – your conveyancing solicitor should have things in good hands.