Immigration – renewal of sponsor’s licences

11 Sep 2012

The first round of Tier 2 sponsor licences will shortly come up for renewal (licences run for a fixed period of 4 years).  We anticipate that renewal notices will be sent out but it would be unwise to bank on this.

For most sponsors renewal should be a routine exercise which can be done through the SMS.  However it would be prudent for sponsors to do an internal audit before making their application.  In particular, sponsors should check that all change notifications have been given, they have maintained appropriate HR records and internal compliance systems are both robust and effective.

Applications for renewal must be made before the existing licence expires. 

Our view:

This is a housekeeping chore which must be done if you want to renew your licence to sponsor migrant workers.  The recent kerfuffle surrounding the revocation of the licence held by London Metropolitan University serves as a clear warning to other sponsors. 

UKBA does not have the resources to conduct compliance visits on all renewals but regular users of the SMS who were not inspected on their first application may find themselves subject to a compliance visit this time.  We are ready to assist with an internal audit or the preparation for a compliance visit if that would be helpful.